Opt-In staff training

I’ve recently made the decision to begin running some opt-in staff training sessions for the rest of the year, and probably into the future. I’m running about 5 sessions over the next 5 weeks on a Thursday afternoon, and then re-run the same sessions again in the following weeks, on a different afternoon.

I’m hoping to achieve a number of things through these sessions:

  1. By making the sessions opt-in, the staff members who attend will be the ones who want to be there and learn more about technology.
  2. I want to engender a sense of ‘can do’ about technology. To encourage staff to try bite-size chunks of technology, and to get excited about the possibilities.
  3. Provide useful training that staff can incorporate into their teaching immediately.
  4. Create a non-threatening, hands on environment.

This week, I started by offering a session on Moodle – which, in our environment, is integrated into our DBMS – Edumate. This makes it very easy to run Moodle, as almost zero setup is necessary, all of the classes and courses are ready set up.

I was really encouraged by the results of the session. Only a few teachers decided to attend (although a number of others sent apologies), but those who did, came with a fantastic attitude. None of them were what you could call IT savvy teachers, but they came with a willingness to learn and try new things.

Next week’s session? Using interactive learning objects (the learning federation) through Scootle.

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