Exciting times

I’ve had an exciting couple of days, looking forward to what I’ll be doing in 2010.

To start with, the boss has confirmed that I’ll be able to officially operate as our ICT Integrator from 2010. This is a role that I’ve partly been doing anyway, however now, I’ve got an allocation to do it, so should be able to make a better fist of it.

I’ve been able to write my own job description and essentially shape the role to what I believe it should be. Very exciting! I didn’t quite get the full allocation I was looking for, but as a concession, I’m able to move a couple of my senior classes into a mixed delivery mode, which should give me a little more free time during school hours to spend helping other staff integrate technology into their lessons.

Secondly, I’ve just been given the green light to dip the Covenant toes into the world of Mac for the first time!

I’m purchasing just a few new MacBooks for use by the Computing Studies department (to start with). I’m thinking that the SDD students might use them (and the iPod Touches that I’ve got with them) to do some app development. We’ll also use them in 9 and 10 IST for some multimedia and video editing work from time to time, and probably in IPT as well.

I also believe that we have a responsibility to our students to expose them to more than just a windows computing platform. Today’s students are expected to be literate across a number of platforms, and by not doing this we are selling them short as they graduate our computing classes.

At the same time I’ve also ordered a couple of 15″ MacBook Pros for use by myself and our SDD teacher. Its a first foray into the mac world for both of us, so we’ll be on a learning curve.

Hopefully the integration of these into a windows environment will be a smooth one. More info to follow as we order and receive the machines, hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

[picapp src=”8/f/1/3/Apple_Reports_Quarterly_b304.jpg?adImageId=6955091&imageId=4610925″ width=”234″ height=”152″ /]

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