Evernote, Netbooks, and Education Support

Towards the end of last year I posted about the use of technology in education support. Specifically, we had a couple of students moving into year 7 2010 who had some particular needs. We wanted to find a technology based solution that would help them keep their notes organised, and also, allow them to take a photograph of any notes or images on the whiteboards that they hadn’t managed to quite copy.

My initial thoughts were to use an iPod Touch, however the lack of a camera meant that idea was dismissed quickly.

We resolved finally to issue each of the students with a Dell Latitude 2100 Netbook computer  – see my earlier post regarding my thoughts and use of these machines. Each of these machines were to have the Evernote client installed. We organised their Evernote accounts so they had a notebook for each subject. It was then their responsibility (with the assistance of an aide) to do their best to take whatever notes were necessary directly into Evernote. If, at the end of the lesson, they needed to, they could capture an image of the whiteboard (or anything else) with the built in camera, and then drag directly into their note. The beauty of which, is that once synchronised with the Evernote server, any text in that image becomes searchable.

The outcome so far has been very positive. They have taken to Evernote like ducks to water, and seem to be managing well. Feedback from their aide has been very positive and so far, it is most definitely helping them make the transition to year 7.

The netbooks are not being taken home, but being charged overnight. One single charge has been enough to get them through the day. Their parents have accessed Evernote (web and app) at home, and have been able to keep tabs on what the boys are doing, and assist where necessary.

I’m planning on visiting the boys in class this week to see for myself their progress and will report back.

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