The Life of an Integrator

It has been a busy start to Term 2. I’ve had plenty of things on my mind, but not alot of time to blog about them.

I thought I should get a fairly random bunch of thoughts, and learnings down ‘on paper’ before they leave my mind forever!

ICT Integrator

I love my job! It has been fantastic to actually have the time allocated to me so that I can help teachers use technology to better engage their students. There are a few particularly encouraging things happening at the moment:

  1. We’re just about to begin a project with year 6 students. They will be creating a podcast to share with other class members and also the general public via our school blogsite, some of their recent work.
  2. Our Business Studies teacher is on fire! We’re having regular weekly meetings discussing how he can use technology in his classroom. We’re only at the start of the journey, but his enthusiasm is exciting! He has started blogging too – check our Business as Usual, and follow @djgraygray on twitter.
  3. Our Dell Connected Classroom has arrived and has been installed. The language faculty is making good use of the Netbooks, and to a lesser extent, the IWB. Although the projector issued with the package is not a short throw unit – meaning the teacher casts shadows on the board while trying to use it – dumb!
  4. I’m putting together an information evening for later this term. The Computing at Covenant evening will have 3 major purposes.
    1. To launch the Edumate parent portal.
    2. To educate parents about student internet use.
    3. To open a discussion with parents about the possibility of beginning a 1:1 computing project in the future.
  5. Our school is hosting the CEN mid year conference – a number of our faculties are presenting sessions, and a large number of those sessions have a tech focus…
  6. Including the English department, who have asked me to run a 1 hour session for English teachers, helping them integrate tech into their classrooms. And, finally…
  7. Our PE department is also excited about launching some new tech based projects. I’ll tell you more about those later, but I’m pretty encouraged by what is going to happen. They are also blogging too – The Commentary Box

Phew! No wonder I’m exhausted!

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1 Response to The Life of an Integrator

  1. Dave Gray says:

    Glad to make your top 7 Youly. See you tomorrow for some more questions.

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