Challenging Year Ahead

It has been a busy start to what promises to be a challenging, yet rewarding new year for ICT at Covenant. I’ll write more about these points at a later date, but thought I’d post a quick update on what is on my plate for the first half of the year.

  • 1-1 notebook program for year 10 students to begin in term 2
  • Digital pen (Livescribe Smart Pen) trial running with secondary teachers
  • Some class blogs being brought in-house and managed on a virtual WP server
  • Plenty of staff training, to go with 1-1 rollout and digital pens
  • Development of ‘Digital Discipleship’ program for year 10 students
  • Renewed efforts to make an impact in Junior School with their use of technology.
  • Support and encourage – particularly those teachers who are ‘having a go’.

Fortunately my timetable this year is such that I have no classes of my own at all on a Thursday, which is an absolute blessing. Already I’ve found that I can be extremely productive with no interruptions. I’m hoping to post very shortly on the completion of writing and putting together the digital discipleship course, as I’ve enjoyed thinking about what it means to be a disciple of Christ in a digital world.

Sleep now, but stay tuned for more regular posts in the coming weeks.

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1 Response to Challenging Year Ahead

  1. MArtin Pluss says:

    Hi Dave,

    I will follow the digital discipleship course with personal interest in how you go about it.

    cheers Martin

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