1 to 1 Unconference

I had the opportunity this term to attend the 1 to 1 Learning Unconference at Darling Harbour Convention Centre this term. The whole premise of an ‘unconference’ is to be different to a traditional conference.

Most conferences have (generally excellent) speakers who share their knowledge and thoughts with conference delegates. There may be some chance for interaction, but this would be the exception. The ‘unconference’ works on the premise that everyone has something to share. The focus is on active participation, rather than passive reception.

Conference delegates could choose to participate in a number of different activities at any time from being a part of a facilitated discussion, to micro learning sessions, to geolocation missions, and a range of other activities. There was always so much happening at once, it was often difficult to decide which to participate in.

Presenting a Micro Learning session on Prezi

I was asked to present one of the micro learning sessions on Prezi. A micro learning session would be used to share a skill with a small group of delegates in 30 minutes. I presented this session twice as there were too many people for everyone to participate at once. This was really enjoyable and I think the other delegates found it useful. This is the Prezi I used.

Overall I came away very encouraged that so many educators are thinking deeply about the best way to engage students in learning. There are so many opportunities provided by the technology we now have at our fingertips, I’m looking forward to picking one at a time and encouraging our teachers at Covenant to try something new.

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